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forum (as defined by Wiktionary)

1. A place for discussion.
2. A gathering for the purpose of discussion.
3. A form of discussion involving a panel of presenters and often participation by members of the audience.
4. An Internet message board where users can post messages regarding one or more topics of discussion.

Each CRTC Forum defined below meets regularly to discuss/exchange resources on a given topic and also has an online forum associated with the group.

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Business to Government (B2G)
The mission of the B2G Forum is to provide members with industry-leading information, tools and resources to help them grow sustainable and effective public sector market strategies. The Forum will supply member companies regular access to a group of  experts from both large and small government contractors to help identify and overcome the challenges associated with entering, competing and winning public sector business.

Forum Chair: Kevin Lancaster, Winvale

Commercial Cyber
The Mission of the Commercial Cyber Forum is to create an eco-system of success in the commercial cyber security market for companies involved in the Forum (small, medium, large).

Forum Chair: Joseph Paska, PENT, Inc.

Emerging Tech

The Emerging Tech Forum (ETF) is the Technical Hub of the CRTC:
Driving Innovative Exploration of Emerging Technologies

The ETF offers three types of programs: Quarterly CRTC Forum Events, Regional Meetup Cross Networking, Pitch Meetings. The Quarterly CRTC Forum Event Topics for 2014 include: HealthTech, Ed Tech, 3D Advanced Manufacturing and Renewable Energy.

Forum Chair: Leah Vogely, Mindgrub
Board Liaison: Todd Marks, Mindgrub
Meeting Schedule: Variable

Public Policy
CRTC’s Public Policy Forum (PPF) functions as an educational and advocacy arm of the CRTC, promoting pro-growth policies concerning state programs in support of its mission to advance Maryland’s position as a favorable state for the creation and growth of technology companies.
The CRTC-PPF organizes event-driven and online forums for discussion to advance dialogue and advocacy of public policy issues that impact the membership of the organization. All CRTC Members in good standing are invited to participate in the Public Policy Forum.

Forum Chair: Lyle Fowlkes, Alexander & Cleaver
Meeting Schedule: Variable

Social Media Marketing

The mission of the Social Media-Marketing Forum is to provide value to the CRTC membership by leveraging social media to market CRTC programming, educate the membership about social media, drive social media orientated events, and to engage the CRTC membership.

Women in Tech
The mission of the Women in Tech forum is to positively influence women
and inspire girls who aspire to work in the technology field through networking, speaking engagements, training, volunteer work and provide positive role models.

Workforce Development
The mission of the Workforce Development Forum is to assist CRTC members with workforce challenges by aggregating resources to match training, volunteerism and employment opportunities.

Health Tech

The CRTC is pleased to partner with the Chesapeake Innovation Center on the launch of the Health Tech Forum group. This group will be designed by and for its members, all either direct providers of health services with an interest in emerging technology or the innovators creating emerging solutions. Join this group to help shape the newest CRTC initiative based on common needs and shared challenges while exploring the best ways to unite the health technology community in the Baltimore-Washington Region.

The mission of the Finance Forum is to to discuss finance issues relevant to the CRTC membership and provide members with industry-leading information, tools and resources to help them get the funding they need to grow their technology business in the Chesapeake region.

The Forum will supply member companies regular access to a group of experts from both large and small financial institutions, government entities, business consultants and a broad range of funding sources (venture, angel, grants, etc.).            

Committee Co-Chair: Brian Morales, Wells Fargo, The Private Bank
Committee Co-Chair: Greg Boucher, Bengur Bryan & Co., Inc.

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