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2016 Legislative Agenda
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Legislative Initiatives for the 2016 Maryland Legislative Session


1)     Tech Funding and Capital Investment

Tech Business and the employment that flows from this sector is an asset to Maryland and an untapped area of future economic growth.  As an industry, highly skilled technology jobs pay higher than the median level for Maryland.  A robust Tech Sector supports economic development as well as the secondary education and University system in Maryland.  Improving funding sources and tax benefits in Maryland for investment in technology startup companies (i.e. Angel Investor Tax Credit).  It is the goal of CRTC to encourage Legislators to continue to increase funding opportunities for Tech Business. 

RESULT:  The Tech ecosystem is similar to any other economic sector. Capital investment helps entrepreneurs get an idea off the ground and expand.  Increased funding for Maryland Tech generates economic activity for the state at large and helps gain a competitive edge over neighboring states which will in turn attract larger, more competitive technology firms to the state.

2)     Talent Development (Growing, Attracting and Retaining Talent)

Maryland Tech employers face a common challenge in attracting and retaining skilled employees. The CRTC will play an active role in encouraging the Maryland Legislature to create an environment that supports business and tax initiatives as well as educational incentives for organizations both public and private that train and develop the technology workforce of the future. Some natural technology partners that may assist the CRTC include the state's higher education institutions as well as public and private groups that focus in this area.

RESULT:  The concept of Tech workforce development seems to be a fundamental goal that does not have any partisan divisions.  The CRTC can champion this policy objective and make an impact with the Legislature and with the Tech community as a whole. 

3)     Maryland Tech Value Proposition

It is the goal of this organization to educate Maryland Legislators as to the economic and social benefits provided by the Technology Sector in the state (for example: cyber security, biotechnology, health tech, education tech and so on).   This initiative can be supported through joint CRTC and legislator meetings/gatherings as well as targeted information supplied to Legislators.

RESULT:  The desired outcome from this CRTC and other tech partner (OTP) outreach, is to advance the image and importance of the Tech Industry to the Maryland Legislature and improve the general knowledge of Legislators about Tech’s economic and social benefits to the Maryland economy and lifestyle. 

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